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Our mission is simple – to enable our participants to master the techniques, philosophies and communication skills necessary to achieve higher levels of success and satisfaction in clinical practice. We accomplish these goals by offering quality courses taught by expert instructors dedicated to helping every participant gain new knowledge and skills, increase their clinical confidence and renew their passion for dentistry through continuing education.

Join us in a comfortable, intimate setting and engage with a community of practitioners who are committed to excellence in clinical care.


Full Mouth Mastery Series

Click the image of the flyer to expand the .pdf in a new window!

Click the image of the flyer to expand the .pdf in a new window!

The physiologically guided treatment system

with Dr. Karl Hegyi

This hands-on series of courses has a very specific objective – to teach you the most systematic, predictable, and profitable means of providing comprehensive full mouth restorative and esthetic treatment ever possible. However, as a result of accomplishing this, you will also learn many other valuable skills, including how to confidently treat Occlusal disease and TMD issues.

These goals are achieved through use of The Physiologically Guided Treatment System (PGTS). The PGTS does this by guiding each step of patient care - Evaluation, Planning, and Treatment. Essential to the PGTS is the DATA® Appliance (Diagnosis And Treatment Assisting), which plays a key role in each of these steps.

As with most significant accomplishments in life, these goals must be achieved in a series of steps or levels – with each successive level requiring mastery of previous levels.



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RedAddibration Demonstration

A Live Patient Demonstration
by Dr. Karl Hegyi

Upcoming Dates will be posted soon!


This demonstration is a unique, live patient learning experience. Dr. Hegyi completes a short introduction to the Physiologically Guided Treatment System (PGTS), followed by a live demonstration of a RedAddibration on a patient currently in the DATA® (Diagnosis And Treatment Assisting) Appliance.

If your goal is to provide care that includes significant esthetic and/or functional restorative treatment, facial pain, or TMD problems, the PGTS curriculum is for you. At the core of this curriculum is the DATA® Appliance. This Appliance and the Systems of this series will guide you through the evaluation and delivery of even the most challenging of these treatments – with concepts and methods that are easier, more logical and predictable than ever before.




PGTS Level I:

Two Day Session

Dates TBD

This is where your journey to better dentistry begins. In Level I, you will learn how to utilize the DATA® Appliance to evaluate your patient for comprehensive restorative and aesthetic treatment, as well as TMD and Occlusal issues. 

From Level I, you will understand:

-How the PGTS and DATA® Appliance are used to evaluate, plan, and treat patients.

-The "Problem Profiles" and "Treatment Paths" for which the Physiologically Guided Treatment System and DATA® Appliance are appropriate

-How to seat and adjust a DATA® Appliance

-How to interpret patient response to a DATA® Appliance and then use it for a bite registration

-How to Verify and Validate a patient's condition


-That this represents the starting point for any predictable Restorative/Aesthetic, Occlusal, and TMD treatment planning.


One Day Session

Dates TBD

In Level I, you will have learned the concepts and skills needed to evaluate your patients functionally and psychologically using a DATA® Appliance. It's now time to begin planning and providing treatment based on this information and there's no better way to begin this learning process than with a removable occlusal splint. Level II involves using this information to plan, design, fabricate, and adjust a removable occlusal splint for patients with occlusal or TMD problems on verified and validated mounted casts.

From Level II, you will understand:

-When removable occlusal splints are/are not appropriate

-The goals and objectives of removable occlusal splint therapy

-The rationale for this course's removable occlusal splint design

-How to fabricate, seat, and adjust this course's removable occlusal splint design

-Appropriate fees and follow-up protocols


Two Day Session

Date TBD

In Level III, you learn how to use the DATA® Appliance as well as Reductive and Additive reshaping (RedAddibration) to create a Stable Biomechanical Foundation - the foundation of both functionally sound restorative and non-restorative treatment.

From Level III, you will understand:

-To identify patients that are or are not good candidates for RedAddibration

-To chose the most appropriate "Treatment Path" based on their patients' "Problem Profile", a psychological status and wants and needs

-To chose the most appropriate Vertical Dimension of Occlusion (VDO) for patients with non-restorative "Treatment Paths"

-To use a combination of reductive and additive reshaping to definitively achieve this VDO and create a "Stable Biomechanical Foundation"

-This "Stable Biomechanical Foundation" serves as the end point of non-restorative Occlusal/TMD treatment or the starting point for comprehensive restorative aesthetic treatment.



One Day Session

Date TBD

Finally, in Level IV you learn the advantages and develop the clinical skills necessary to provide comprehensive restorative and aesthetic treatment on this foundation - for the most predictable means of providing dentistry that looks better, feels better, and lasts longer.

From Level IV, you will understand:

-The advantages of planning & providing comprehensive restorative/aesthetic treatment on a "Stable Biomechanical Foundation"

-How to chose the most appropriate VDO for restorative/aesthetic "Treatment Paths"

-How to advance functional & aesthetic restorative design details from a "Blind Guess" to "Educated Guess" to "Tentatively Confirmed" to "Definitively Confirmed" in a systematic & efficient manner

-The variety of possible "Treatment Paths" for comprehensive restorative/aesthetic treatment & how to choose the most appropriate one

-The variety of treatment phasing options for comprehensive restorative/aesthetic treatment when treating on a "Stable Biomechanical Foundation"

-How to communicate functionally & aesthetically "Definitely Confirmed" provisional restoration design with the laboratory

...and to be able to go back to their offices and apply these concepts & methods with their patients.


There is a flat tuition cost of $9,500. Included in your tuition is the registration fees for all four levels, the cost for 12 units of lab work (a $4,800 value), all course materials, as well as any additional course costs for all four levels. Payment plans are available. All four levels of this series are mandatory for credit and for your success. You are expected to provide your own patient for this series.

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