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Our mission is simple – to enable our participants to master the techniques, philosophies and communication skills necessary to achieve higher levels of success and satisfaction in clinical practice. We accomplish these goals by offering quality courses taught by expert instructors dedicated to helping every participant gain new knowledge and skills, increase their clinical confidence and renew their passion for dentistry through continuing education.

Join us in a comfortable, intimate setting and engage with a community of practitioners who are committed to excellence in clinical care.



The goal of The Center’s advanced continuing education program is to enable the restorative dentist and his/her team to master the techniques and philosophies necessary to develop higher levels of success and satisfaction in clinical practice. Our focus is to provide top-quality courses, helping each participant achieve mastery through clinical education.

The Center’s courses will help you:

  • Master the philosophies and techniques of high quality comprehensive dentistry
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to enhance more smiles
  • Increase your level of clinical confidence
  • Revive your passion for dentistry
  • Have more fun and increase your personal reward level

Please view our Calendar or Offered Courses page for all upcoming courses at The Center.