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Our mission is simple – to enable our participants to master the techniques, philosophies and communication skills necessary to achieve higher levels of success and satisfaction in clinical practice. We accomplish these goals by offering quality courses taught by expert instructors dedicated to helping every participant gain new knowledge and skills, increase their clinical confidence and renew their passion for dentistry through continuing education.

Join us in a comfortable, intimate setting and engage with a community of practitioners who are committed to excellence in clinical care.


ZQuiet ProFlex


The ZQuiet ProFlex is the only oral appliance of its kind. Fabricated from a clear Thermoplastic Resin. It give the patient a comfortable and easy to use option to help reduce snoring and the risk of Sleep Apnea.


Developed by Dr. John Herald, Dental Ceramics Inc., has been fabricating the ZQuiet ProFlex for the past 5 years. This effective and compliant appliance has quickly become the most successful appliance Dental Ceramics has fabricated in their over 50 years of business. 

Interested in learning more about Sleep Apnea and why you as a Dentist are in the best position to diagnose and treat patients? We proudly offer a hands-on sleep study course, Dreaming of Sleep. This two-part course is specifically designed to take the dentist from start to finish, diagnosing and treating their patients. We typically offer the sleep study course twice a year. If you do not see it on the calendar, please contact us and we will inform you of any upcoming sleep events.

If you are interested in learning more about the Sleep Apnea services Dental Ceramics Inc. offers, please call Alyssa at 330.523.5240 

Dear Dr. John Herald,
I want to thank you for your effort and time in providing a solution to my chronic health problems associated with snoring and sleep apnea. My wife thanks you as well. My snoring not only had a negative effect on my nights sleep but also prevented my wife from getting a needed good nights rest. My snoring made us both irritable in the morning. I would wake up feeling more tired, even exhausted than when I went to sleep, the lack of oxygen was affecting every aspect of my health including decreased sex drive and increased weight gain. My memory was noticeably decreased and ability to focus on a task reduced. My wife and I now wake up refreshed, energized, focused and ready to start the day on a run. I have tried four other Dental Appliances all of which were inferior to the Pro Plus Dental Appliance. The Pro Plus Dental Appliance is far superior in form, fit and function. I can even drink and talk with the appliance in my mouth. It is easier to put into my mouth and I wake up without the jaw pain from muscle strain and poor fit that I experienced with the other appliances.
— Patient Testimonial: Kevin